11 de juny de 2014

Yvon Kenewang "Kene"

Kenewang, nascuda a Botswana, Zimbabwe fa 36 anys. Ex-model -va ser miss Zimbabwe- i ara mare lliure. "Acabo de regresar de Panamá donde he estado 6 años. En estos 6 años he visto de todo... ahora estoy super feliz de recuperar mi vida. ¿Lo que he encontrado mas cambiado de Barcelona? Tantos hombres con barba... jajaja. Los llaman hipsters, ¿verdad?"

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Basile Pesso ha dit...

I have a beard but I'm not a hipster :-). Though, it's true, things have changed in that field...
Superb portrait of a very beautiful woman with a stunning life in the eyes after what has happened, and also, the ability to be joyful and to notice things like the beards' stuff and the hipsters' fashion.
Being joyful and able to joke after the jail stuff is a lesson for everyone, in front of the incredible and unforgivable shame. The bear in the photo is very important, I don't know when he has started to appear in Barcelona...do you know ?

e m i l l a m o l a ha dit...

Gracias Basile
La verdad es que Kene lo lleva muy bien. Un carácter muy positivo...
Lo del oso no tengo ni idea, no te puedo ayudar en eso.

Kene Nowka ha dit...

Thank you Basile for your kind words,
Enric is a very talented photographer.

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